Playtiz Ltd.’s Privacy Policy

Playtiz Ltd. (“Playtiz”) is declaring its commitment to maintaining the privacy of its users (“users” or “you”). This Privacy Policy was created in order to inform you about how Playtiz conduct- the way it stores, manages, collects and uses the information you or any user provide in connection with any of Playtiz’s games or applications (“Service”). Please be aware that the scope of this Privacy Policy is limited solely to information collected by Playtiz via your use of a Service.


upon using the Service, you hereby grant your full consent to the collection and use of your personal information as detailed in this Privacy Policy. Playtiz may amend or completely change the Privacy Policy from time to time, and encourages you to check the Privacy Policy regularly for changes or modifications.


Request user data deletion

When you install and use “Playtiz” mobile applications, we can collect and process some of your data for different legitimate purposes.

You will find below explanations regarding the reasons why we may collect data.

Why is data collected?

“Playtiz” and its third-party partners collect data:

  • To provide you with the services you asked for
  • To run analytics and understand how users interact with our product and services to improve them continuously

The third-party partners that “Playtiz” will share the data with are:

  • GameAnalytics
  • Facebook Analytics

Data deletion requests

To delete user data collected by “Playtiz”, please reach out to “”.

If you also want to request the deletion of the data that may have been collected about you or your device by our third-party partners that are acting as independent data controllers, you will find below the contact for each partner and the link to the relevant section of their privacy policies:


Information Collected

Playtiz‘s primary goal in collecting user information is to enhance the Service’s experience and to enable users to enjoy the Service to the fullest.

When you install or use any of the Services, Playtiz may, but is not obligated to, collect and record the information you provide to Playtiz, whether directly through the Services or through social network or any other third party services (“Account Information”).


Personal Information

“Personal information” is in relation to information about you that can be used in order to contact or identify you. The types of personal information collected in the Service may vary depending on activity and may or may not include:

Your name;
Your social network profile or third party service user identification number or details;
Your mobile device’s unique identifier (or “UDID”);
Transaction identifier details for purchases;
email address;
Your social network or service profile picture;
Any relevant information included in your service application, social network accessed through or other online profile.

Moreover, Playtiz may acquire information about you through:

Your access and participation in message boards and forums on a Service;
Your Customer Support requests;
Your purchase of a virtual product of any type (virtual coins etc.).
Please be aware that due to the fact that the purchases are managed by a third party site of virtual goods offered to you by the Service, Playtiz will not have access to your credit card details or billing information.


Non-Personal Information

“Non-personal information” is information that, when held alone, cannot be used to fully identify or contact you. Playtiz is allegeable to collect non-personal information regarding your use of its Service both during game play and software usage. Playtiz may also choose to invite you to share non-personal information regarding yourself which may include but is not limited to:


Your current age or date of birth;
Your gender;
Information regarding the hardware you own or use;
information regarding Your friend information, favorite websites and fan pages;
Any other information filled in your application, social network or any other online profile available.
in case any non-Personal Information is collected for an activity that also involves the use of personal information, Playtiz may choose to combine your non-personal information with your personal information in order to provide you with a better user experience, an attempt to improve the value and quality of the Services and to analyze how its Services are used and their data. Playtiz may also record game play information such as your game session duration and/or your high scores.

In addition to the above stated information, you may choose to share additional information about yourself throughout and in the Service, such as on message boards, forums, and in games. Any actions whatsoever you perform with other players are listed as public, and are at your sole discretion.


Playtiz may also collect further information including your occupation, zip code, language, area code, location, and the time zone where the Service is used, in addition to information about your computer, mobile device, software, platform, Internet Protocol (IP) address, landing pages, incident data, network Media Access Control (MAC) address and connection, browser language, browser type, referring pages, and URLs, number of clicks, domain names, pages viewed and the order of said pages, amount of time spent on each page, and the date and time of any activity, so that Playtiz can have a better grasp of customer behavior and improve the products, services, and advertising it offers. Playtiz can also receive both non-personal or public information from any third parties in regards with market and demographic studies or data that Playtiz may use to supplement personal information provided by you.


Use of Your Information

The Ways Playtiz may Use Your Information

Playtiz may use your information to fulfill your specific requests, purchase orders and to send you purchase confirmation and/or other information related to the account. Moreover, the personal information you provide will enable Playtiz to direct messages to you regarding, among other subjects, new Playtiz products, features, enhancements, special offers and deals, upgrade opportunities, contests and events of interest to you. You may also later choose to opt out of some these communications. You may also choose to opt out of all communications from Playtiz by sending an e-mail to: or unsubscribing.


Playtiz may also choose to use personal and non-personal information, individually or combined, in order to better understand the and analyze the behavior and preferences of its customers and users, to solve technical problems, to feed static and dynamic advertising, to enforce Playtiz’s Terms of Service and to help improve Services and its content. In addition, Playtiz may combine non-personal and personal information, such as your email address, to administer loyalty programs, design its offerings, web pages or game play experience for you.

By using a friend finder tool of any sort directly through the Service or through a social network or other gaming service, you agree that use of these tools will help find your contacts and can also allow your contacts to connect your account (and related data, including games played, spins and virtual coins) with any social network profile and/or mail address. The resulting friends’ list will be subjected to this privacy policy as well.


should you use any referral service to share information with your friends about a Service, Playtiz may choose to ask you for the friend’s name and mail address. Playtiz may then send your friend an email on your behalf or a text message said friend to visit the relevant site or try out the Service. Playtiz may then store your friend’s details for a short term in order to send this email and perform checkups in order to make sure that your friend will not be send numerous copies of the same email. Playtiz declares that it does not keep or use this information in any other manner.

should you enter or in roll into a contest, sweepstake, or other promotional frame, Playtiz is eligible to use any information you provide it in order to administer and learn about those programs. Your taking part in tournaments or other online gaming events is subjected to your granting Playtiz the permission to transmit, store, collect, use, analyze and display in a public manner statistical data, such as your rank, scores, and achievements made through your participation.


In all cases relating data access and collection, the information you provide Playtiz will not be loaned, disclosed, rented, leased, sold, traded or otherwise distributed on purpose to unrelated third parties and shall only be used for the purpose of providing you with the optimal service experience and improving the Service and any other purpose stated here. Playtiz obligates to keep your information provided to it for as long as your account is active or for as long as is needed in order to provide you with the services. Should you wish to terminate your account and/or request that Playtiz ceases to use your information contact Playtiz via the email address provided in the section below. please be aware that there may be scenarios in which Playtiz is legally required to keep your information.


Accessing the service via Social Networks or Mobile Devices

when accessing the Service via a social network of any sort, mobile devices or any other third party service or platform, or when connecting to such a third party app, network, platform or service via Playtiz’s Service, you herby grant Playtiz permission to store, collect, and make use (subjected to this Privacy Policy) all the information you agreed to grant the social network, mobile device or other third party platform and any further info the it could provide Playtiz it’s Application Programming Interface (API) based on your settings on said third party social (network/ mobile device/ platform- AKA: “NMP”). Your consent herby sets in motion when you connect with the NMP via the Service, and/or the moment you connect with a Service, or choose to “accept” or to “allow” (or any similar phrasing provided) a Service access to your information through a NMP or service.

Playtiz may also choose to collect and gather information about you or any other user from any other Service users who choose to upload their email contacts should you be included in one.


Third Party Service Providers

Playtiz reserves the right to outsource the providing of the Service to third party companies and individuals, or to facilitate its Services, to perform tasks (including but not limited to- maintenance services, database management, web analytics and upgrades in the Services) or to assist Playtiz in analyzing and performing market analyzing of how the Services are used.

Playtiz may occasionally employ third party companies or individuals in order to gather personal information to provide email distribution, products, prizes or promotional events, conduct contest managment, credit or debit card processing or any other services through the Service. When enrolling on these services, you may need to provide your full name, mailing and emailing address and/or phone to the third party supplying the service. Playtiz may order from credit agencies, data analytics or other third-party contractors or market research firms, to implement your personal information provided to Playtiz to perform personal marketing and demographic analysis, so that it can keep improving and optimizing its sites, deals and advertisements to fully meet the users’ needs and preferences.


Message Boards and Chats

Please be aware that some of the information you post and transfer via a Service or a third-party site is considered public information.

You will have the option to reveal certain information about yourself to Playtiz sites/ Services or in its chat rooms, message boards, blogs, user “profiles” made for public view or on similar forums on Playtiz sites accessed through mobile services or through third party sites/services. Please be aware that information provided by you in any of the above mentioned is considered as public information, and that you should expect no privacy or confidentiality.

Please note that any identifiable information submitted by you through these public activities can be seen, read, collected, used and is exposed to other users of said forums, and may be used to send you unsolicited or malware messages. Playtiz is cannot be held responsible for any personally identifiable information you make public in any forums.

should you post a video or image through any of Playtiz’s Services available for public view, please note that it can be seen, viewed, collected, copied, and/or used exploited by other users with or without your consent. Playtiz shall not be held responsible in any way for the photos, videos or images uploaded by you through any Service. Please see Playtiz’s Terms of Service or the Application End User License for other guidelines regarding posting any sort of content through any Service, public or private.


Browser Use

Please be aware that through normal course of your internet browser activity, certain information can be sent automatically and directly through your browser to different third parties such as advertising companies and networks and analytics companies. Please be aware Playtiz holds no control over the process of said information transfer and holds no part in it to whomever it was sent, whether sent to networks or other third parties. Playtiz also recommends that you take efforts in order to ensure that your browser settings are set to prevent any disclosure of information you are not interested in sharing.


Personal Information Disclosure

You hereby declare that you understand and agree that Playtiz may be obligated to reveal any personal information if required by law or if it believes that such disclosure is necessary in order to avoid liability or to comply with any legal process, including, but not limited to a statute, subpoena, search warrant of any sort, court order, or in order to protect the properties and rights of Playtiz or any third party. Playtiz may also be required to do so in order to protect the safety of the public or any person or user, or to prevent or stop any activity it may consider as being, or leading to any illegal or unethical actions. Please be aware that Playtiz is not required by any means to question or contest the validity of any the above mentioned legal processes or other similar authoritarian request that it may receive.

Playtiz may also choose to reveal information you should it come to the conclusi

on that the disclosure made aid in enforcing the service’s terms and conditions, or in order to protect its operations or users. Furthermore, Playtiz may choose to vender, transfer, trade, sell, or otherwise share part or all of its assets to a third party, including your Personal Information, whether via a merger, reorganization, acquisition, sale of assets or in an event of bankruptcy.



Similar to other websites, Playtiz can choose to use “cookies” in order to gather information. A cookie is defined as a small data file transferred to a computer or mobile device for record-keeping. You are hereby aware that Playtiz and/or the Service may send cookies to a computer/mobile device when a user accesses or views a Service. The information contained in a cookie may then be linked to a user’s personal information in order to improve the efficiency of Playtiz’s service, suiting specific deals to interests, and further accessing the Service. You are hereby aware that third party groups or advertisers can also place or read cookies on your browser while using the Service. Please know that the cookies’ access to your browser can be disabled by changing your browser’s definitions to cease accepting cookies or alert you before accepting cookies from a domain. However, should you choose not to accept cookies, you may not be able to fully experience all parts or functions of the Service.



Note that the Service contains links to other domains or apps. The whereabouts of such links does not mean that Playtiz endorses or authorizes said third party, nor that it is a representation or has any affiliation of any sort with it. Should you click a link leading to a third-party site or app, including any advertisement, you will immediately leave Playtiz’s site or application and will be transformed to the site or application linked to said advertisement. Third-party websites and apps may use their own cookies or other files on your computer or mobile, and may collect various data or personal information about you. Other sites and apps follow different rules and regulations in regards to use or disclosure of personal information submitted. Whereas Playtiz cannot control, nor monitor, the activities of third parties, it shall not be held responsible for any uses of your personal information made by third parties, and is in no way held responsible that they follow the same privacy and security practices Playtiz does. It is advised to read the privacy policies of other websites and apps visited by you before providing any personal information.


Altering/Deleting Your Information

You may choose to review, update, Alter or delete any of your personal information by changing the information on your Service’s profile page. should you choose to completely remove all of this information, Playtiz may choose to deactivate your account. If you interested that Playtiz deletes all your record in its systems, please contact Playtiz and it will try to comply with your request if not legally bound to keep the record.

If Playtiz’ access to your Account Information was given through a different Service, you may ask Playtiz to remove your Account Information by following these directions: You can ask for removal of your Account Info by removing the Playtiz app from your social network or third-party service account.



Playtiz has taken reasonable technical and organizational precautions in order to secure your personal information from accidental loss or unauthorized change, access or use. However, Playtiz can guarantee that unauthorized third parties will not be able to beat those precautions or make any improper use of personal information. Please be aware that email and other messaging systems cannot be perceived as secure, therefore Playtiz does not recommend the use of these for transference of personal information.


Playtiz’ Policy Regarding Persons Under 21

Playtiz’ products are destined for use by persons of 21 or older, and solely for amusement purposes. Playtiz shall not knowingly collect personal information of persons under the age of 13. Should Playtiz find that a person under 13 has provided it with his personal information, Playtiz shall take immediate steps to delete such information.



For more info regarding Playtiz’s purchase of “coins” Policy, or any other form of virtual currency, go to Playtiz’s “Terms of Service”.


For any clarifications regarding Playtiz’ Privacy Policy or any other matter you are welcomed to contact Playtiz at: